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Olive oil love ends couple's retirement

How we started out

Since 2013 Epicurean Olive Oil Company has been the consummate tasting store. offering over 50 different Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Specialty Oils, and Balsamic Vinegar which are pure and natural with no fillers. Our store motto is "try it before you buy it."

There's no better way to ensure your needs are being met then the healthy virtues of olive oil and balsamic vinegar available at Epicurean Olive Oil.

Since being founded in 2013, Epicurean Olive Oil has become an important part of the Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee community. Supplying amazing quality food products at an exceptionally low price. There’s no wonder why we’re considered the most reliable Olive Oil Shop around. We’re committed to serving all of our customers with the utmost care and respect, as they deserve the best.

Learn all about Epicurean Olive Oil and what we offer here, or better yet stop by the store to see what the buzz around us is all about!

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