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Epicurean Olive Oil Co.
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The olive is one of the plants most often cited in western literature. In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus crawls beneath two shoots of olive that grow from a single stock, and in the Iliad, is a metaphoric description of a lone olive tree in the mountains, by a spring; the Greeks observed that the olive rarely thrives at a distance from the sea, which in Greece invariably means up mountain slopes.

Greek myth attributed to the primordial culture-hero Aristaeus the understanding of olive husbandry, along with cheese-making and bee-keeping. Olive was one of the woods used to fashion the most primitive Greek cult figures, called xoana, referring to their wooden material; they were reverently preserved for centuries.

Health Benefits

"Olive oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, is a major component of the Mediterranean diet. Populations from that region have longer life expectancies and lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke, compared with North Americans and Northern Europeans." ~ Medical News Today

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Himalyan Salt Cooking Brick
Created from natural salt deposits found in the Himalayas.
Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar
Price: $15.95
Whiskey Smoked Brown Sugar
This whiskey smoked brown sugar has an irresistible flavor that enhances sweet and savory dishes.

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